Services using technology to bring visibility to the supply chain

Bringing you end-to-end data collection, management, and analysis to present new possibilities in protecting our food supply and monitoring our supply chain with the help of new technologies.

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Dapicon creates value by utilizing the collection of data from different supply chain sources. This actionable data can be used to increase supply chain efficiencies, enhance visibility, and provide rich analytics for better decision making.

  • IoT Sensors

  • Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Product Quality Algorithms
  • Shelf-Life Algorithms
  • Analytics & Reports (Power BI)
  • Forecasting Models
  • Automated Document Reconciliation
  • Free Consulting (GS1, EDI, PTI)

Revolutionizing How We Share and Utilize Data

Providing Solutions

Benefiting You, Our Customer

Services Using Technology to Bring Visibility to the Supply Chain


  • Collaboration on present and future business efficiencies
  • An extension of your eyes and ears in the overall supply chain
  • Handling the due diligence on new solutions


  • Provides a data platform that connects trading partners and their service providers 
  • Enables data to be used by the entire supply chain
  • Seeks and then uses the input of supply chain participants


  • Who had it, when, where and for how long
  • What was the temperature, humidity and condition
  • How outside factors affect the quality of product


  • Data aggregated, analyzed and fed into algorithms
  • Data conveyed to our users in meaningful reports, charts, exportable files, alerts and forecasts


  • Data to identify, aggregate, analyze and convey results 
  • Connecting the dots so that you don’t have to
  • Faster access to data leads to more informed decisions
Services Using Technology to Bring Visibility to the Supply Chain

We believe in innovation with verifiable use-case scenarios

We believe in utilizing existing infrastructure (when possible)

We believe in using industry standards, not proprietary ones

We believe the PTI is the means to the end

We believe in minimizing your costs to use our services

We will not blur the lines between traceability and “transparency”

We believe in being a Solution Partner, not just a Solution Provider

maximizing the value of data

services using technology to bring visibility to the supply chain

Dapicon utilizes the large investments you have already made in technology such as EDI and the PTI to address whole-chain traceability without asking you to invest in additional technologies and processes.


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food safety and traceability

Want to know more about the food you’re feeding your family?

Want more transparency when it comes to making food choices? Dapicon’s consumer app is the tool you are looking for to make educated decisions when it comes to understanding food safety and traceability. Dapicon is an innovator in food technology and we are currently designing a new application that assists you, the consumer, in your buying decisions.