The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping

People’s eating habits and the way we buy our food has exponentially changed in the last 10 years, and the reinvention of grocery store shopping is the catalyst responsible for this change. Not too long ago, the thought of grocery shopping online was impossible, and finding vegetarian and or gluten free options was arduous.The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping

But then we entered the green wave, and as the environment and being healthy were becoming more important, our appetite for the way we eat changed as well. At the same time, the internet has made it easier for us to grocery shop for whatever we want from the comfort of our homes.

With this entire panorama on sight, and the entrance of the new decade, what should grocery stores do to survive in this digital era? Luckily for them, we found some trends that freshen up (no pun intended) the grocery sector. Let’s take a look…

Non-Meat Options

The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping

Let’s face it, vegans and vegetarians are almost taking over the world by now, and in a few years, they could even be the majority. In that sense, grocery stores need to come up with a new menu if they plan on catering to this growing population.

To do that, particular foods and supplements such as non-meat protein and plant-based products will become essential. This includes other alternatives that go along with the green wave, such as gluten-free, organic, and cruelty-free products.

Entertainment and Mixed Environments

The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping Grocers will have to add additional value to give shoppers another reason to come by, more like a “shopping experience” that grasps consumers’ interest. Some examples include in-store dining, food & health complexes, juice bars, salad bars, meeting places and more.


One thing e-commerce has fulfilled for many customers is the continual replenish of regular-use products. Having to go to the grocery store for soap each week may be a nuisance in which modern clients don’t want to experience anymore.

Grocery stores will need to offer products that can be auto-replenished, whereby clients can select a combination of products and the delivery time (i.e. weekly, monthly).

Alternative Grocery

The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping will also include additional alternatives that will compete with traditional grocery stores. Especially for those areas where some products are hard to get, we might see “itinerant” grocery stores such as grocery “kiosks” or vending machines that can offer high quality and fresh products in the same way they offer snacks. It’s no surprise this is becoming so popular with Gen Z and their on-the-go lifestyles.

The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping

Convenience and Variety

If you thought it was convenient to buy ready-made sandwiches, now it’s time to see real ready-made food. We’re not talking about old frozen meals; we’re talking about fresh to-go meals or “meal-packs” that include everything you need to cook a specific dish (cut and peeled) for 2-4-6 people. Three such popular sites catering to this convenient-hungry crowd are HelloFresh, Blue Apron and Schwans Home Delivery.

HelloFresh grew its U.S. customer base to 2.6 million subscribers this year while overall sales increased 66% to more than $600 million. Meanwhile, Blue Apron reported that sales were up 9% to 1.7 million meal kits in the first quarter of 2020.

Also, digital tools such as pre-ordering will gain more popularity with time, and this will lead to other similar services such as grocery delivery, and ready-to-pick orders.

Simplified Online Experience

Grocers are starting to blend with the digital era, but there’s still a problem: they only thought about how to look more “technological” and forgot about the customer experience. Now, clients need different apps for pre-ordering, auto-filling, paying, getting the groceries delivered. But they don’t want to be bothered with all those apps because it makes it more difficult to shop. In this sense, we can expect better and more customer-driven grocery apps in 2020. 

Now is a good time to sign up for the Dapicon app so you can stay up to date on food transparency and receive important alerts about your food’s safety.

The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping and AI

Artificial intelligence and grocers haven’t found the point of agreement yet, but it’s coming. While AI may not be a part of the shopping experience for some time, grocery store owners can use AI to analyze their sales and the most profitable products. In the same way, they can predict their customers’ shopping behavior and offer better services/products to keep their stores competitive.

If you’re in the grocery industry, you now know what’s on the horizon. But remember, these trends are only some tendencies, and we’ll probably see many new ones as the decade advances. So, be on the lookout in the years to come with these top trends and more reinventing the grocery sector!

The Reinvention of Grocery Store Shopping

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