An Alternative to Blockchain

Voice of the Industry

"If a solution is not good for everyone in the supply chain, then it's not a viable solution"

an alternative to blockchain

This webinar takes a look at using this controversial technology vs existing technology and infrastructure for traceability and transparency.  It addresses the current state of Blockchain and its complexities. In addition, you will find traceability solutions and answered questions around business concerns surrounding this topic.  Just click the link below to get started.

“Finally, a new alternative for our EDI transactions and traceability requirements at a fraction of our current cost.”

Key Learning Points:

  • Current use of Blockchain
  • A practical and realistic look at Blockchain
  • Hype vs reality
  • Eliminating redundancy and additional costs
  • Alternative to Blockchain
  • Summary comparison

Meet Your Host

Dapicon’s President and CEO Gary Fleming worked for PMA and GS1 and has been on the forefront of traceability, technology, and supply chain efficiencies, creating best practices for over 32 global industry committees working side by side with:

  • Growers, Shippers, Packers, Manufacturers
  • Distributors, Wholesalers, Terminal Markets, Coops
  • Retailers, Foodservice Operators, Convenience Stores
  • Trade Associations, Standards Organizations
  • Technology Vendors
  • FDA and USDA

More than just transactional experts, Dapicon brings over 30 years of food and produce industry experience to create solutions that address your supply chain needs.