Transparency for a Newly Integrated Supply Chain

A Dapicon White Paper

Transparency for a Newly Integrated Supply Chain

Dapicon, Inc. is a supply chain technology provider, bringing visibility, traceability, automation and efficiencies to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our solutions come from 30+ years of senior leadership and experience in the food industry. We have worked with each segment within the supply chain and key trade associations to create supply chain and technology best practices for our industry. As such, each of our solutions have been created with industry input and substantiated with industry examples and use-case scenarios that provide value and efficiencies for your business. We want to be more than just a Solutions Provider for you, we want to be a Solutions Partner. We provide a partnership that enables you to remain focused on what you do best and enables us to do what we do best to help grow your business and make it more efficient.


Our industry experience

  • Have 33 years of experience in the food industry working with:
    • Manufacturers
    • Growers/Shippers
    • Transportation companies
    • Distributors/Wholesalers
    • Retailers
    • Foodservice Operators
    • Convenient Stores
    • Government Agencies (FDA / USDA)
  • Former employment with PMA (Produce Marketing Association)
    • Former lead architect and lead staff of the PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative)
      • PTI Buyer Subgroup
      • PTI Supplier Subgroup
      • PTI Data Synchronization Subgroup
      • PTI Repack/Comingling Subgroup
    • Floral GTIN Initiative
    • One of two agricultural representatives to the United Nations
    • Implementation of GS1 DataBar on individual pieces of fruit
    • RFID Produce Action Group
    • PEIB (Produce Electronic Identification Board) created PLUs and Generic UPCs
  • Former employment with GS1
    • Product ID (GTIN, UPC, SSCC), Location ID, and Asset ID
    • Barcodes (GS1-128, ITF, DataBar, QR Code, DataMax)
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) – EPCIS standards
    • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
    • POS (Point of Sale) transactions
    • GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network)
  • Trade Association Involvement
    • PMA
    • United Fresh
    • FMI
    • GMA
    • NRA
    • IDDBA
    • NFI
    • NAMI
  • Facilitator or Chair of 30+ global industry best practice committees
    • Supply chain technologies
    • Transportation
    • Packing/Packaging
    • POS systems
    • Pallets and load optimizations
    • Industry standards (Traceability, EDI, barcodes, RFID, Product/Location, etc.)
    • Electronic Commerce and Reverse Auctions
    • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and CRP (Continuous Replenishment)
    • Supply Chain Demand Forecasting

Dapicon's chain of custody (traceability)

  • We provide our Chain of Custody (CoC) traceability services, giving the supply chain visibility on who had possession of the product, when, where, and for how long. This is all part of our transparency for a newly integrated supply chain.
  • We include ancillary information, giving additional visibility on those things that can impact their shipment while in-transit:
    • Temperature/Humidity
    • Shelf-Life
    • Location
    • Weather
  • We utilize tools that enable detailed reporting and queries into the massive amounts of data we collect that will give our partners the ability to hunt for data quickly and efficiently, while also conveying the data using professional graphics.
  • We provide audit compliance validation
  • We provide a consumer portal to allow our customers reach to the consumer

our edi services:

  • We provide EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services between you and your trading partners
  • We translate EDI files to any format or from any format
  • We interconnect with different VANs (Value Added Networks)
  • We provide customizable EDI dashboards
  • We support different communication protocols (e.g. FTP, SFTP, AS2)
  • We support different EDI standards (e.g. X12, UCS and VICS)
  • We support multiple EDI versions (4010 & up)
  • We provide various search criteria
  • We enable users to create EDI transactions (from scratch, from file uploads, sourced from other documents, etc.)
  • We provide flexible and extensive queries and reporting
  • With each report, we provide professional charts and graphs to help visually interpret results
  • We provide a product catalog for item translation (file upload, manual upload)
  • We provide a location catalog for location translation (file upload, manual upload)
  • We enable auto and manual archiving of data
  • We enable the regeneration of previously sent transactions

our promise to our partners:

  • We will build strong relationships with our Partners forged on trust, competence, innovation, service, transparency and integrity.
  • We will build features that provide value to our partners based on their input/feedback, substantiated with industry examples and proven use-case scenarios.
  • Each feature will consider the cost to the industry (e.g. resources, infrastructure, processes), the ability to scale, the ability to sustain, the relevance to our industry, and the ROI.
  • We believe strongly in the “why” behind everything we do. Answering why we do what we do ensures understanding of the problem at-hand and how we are solving that problem.
  • We will become the industry benchmark for stellar customer service and reliability.
  • We will keep our Partners abreast of the latest innovations in supply chain technologies.
  • We will work tirelessly to earn your business and to demonstrate our value to keep your business.
  • We will not nickel-and-dime our partners (e.g. one-time fees, training fees, on-boarding fees, charging twice for the same data used for different applications, etc.).
transparency for a newly integrated supply chain

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