• Cross Docking
  • VMI
  • Audit Compliance
  • POS Sell-Through

Supply Chain

  • Traceability
  • Real-Time Ship Location
  • Temperature
  • Shelf-Life
  • Weather/Traffic
  • Product Quality

EDI Transactions

  • Dashboard/Alerts
  • Send/Receive EDI Transactions
  • Auto Generated ASN
  • Auto Managed 997s
  • Automatic Doc Reconciliation
  • More


  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Consumer Portal
  • Free GS1 Consulting
  • Free PTI Consulting
  • Free EDI Consulting


With the expansion of existing technologies (e.g. smartphones, IoT Devices, robotics) and the data now being created, the need to utilize and manage data has never been greater. Dapicon’s partner-focused business model allows us to engage with you (our customers) to ensure your needs are being met with features that have an industry vetted use-case scenario behind each feature, ones that minimize additional costs, and ones that do not require additional resources.

Creating A Safer And More Efficient Supply Chain

We use our transactional gateway to route/translate core business transactions (e.g. Purchase Orders, Invoices, ASNs, etc.) and utilize that data to provide traceability from point-of-origin to point-of-sale. The industries we currently support, the food and pharmaceutical industries, share these two key pain points:

  • Product Safety
  • Cold-Chain Management

Revolutionizing How We Share And Utilize Data

Providing solutions to benefit you, our customer.

We collaborate with our customers to merge industry input with subject matter expertise, technology, and development resources to build a better supply chain. We utilize AI on the massive amounts of data coming through our platform to identify patterns, create forecasts, and provide more information for better decision making.

Engaging the Consumer

Want more transparency and visibility when it comes to making food choices? Dapicon’s consumer app is the tool you are looking for to make educated decisions on implicated products during a potential recall and how to find your favorite products

  • Receive alerts for any food safety updates from the USDA and FDA
  • Quickly locate nearby grocery stores of your choice
  • Discover new recipes to try at home
  • Provide feedback on supplier products
  • Provide feedback on shopping experiences

Maximizing the Value of Data

Dapicon uses industry input and vetted use-case scenarios to ensure our solutions provide direct value to the industry. Our goal is to bring efficiencies and innovative solutions that make sense for our industry by maximizing data that is already available without adding undue burden, undue costs and undue complexity.